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March 15, 2021

Using Omeprazole and Phenylbutazone in Horses

Researchers recently evaluated the safety and efficacy of omeprazole on phenylbutazone (bute)-induced ulcers in horses. Read more
A woman wearing a helmet giving a horse oral medication.
February 15, 2021

Equine Digestive Health: Omeprazole and the Microbiome

Negative changes to the microbiome have been shown in humans and dogs treated with omeprazole. Does the same thing Read more
Woman feeding a horse in a stall
December 07, 2020

Avoid Abrupt Changes in Equine Diets

We have heard the phrase “abrupt change in diet” repeatedly from nutrition experts over the years, but what exactly Read more
Horse eating in stall
November 25, 2020

Gastric Ulcers in Horses: Grading Systems Compared

A scoring system of 0 to 4 is typically used to document ulcers, however, this might not be as Read more
Feeding a Horse Hay
October 26, 2020

Understand and Maximize Fiber Fermentation in Horses

An improved understanding of the flow of digesta through the gastrointestinal tract will provide invaluable information for formulating equine Read more
Horse rolling in grass
October 07, 2020

Incidence of Colic Among Horses After Routine Gastroscopy

When it comes to diagnosing gastric ulcers in horses, one procedure outranks all others: gastroscopy. Occasionally, however, colic occurs Read more
Two horses eating from trough
September 23, 2020

Manners, Please! Slow Your Horse’s Feed Consumption

Despite being blissfully unaware of table manners, horses should consume feed at a reasonable rate, if for no other Read more
Woman feeding a horse in a stall
September 09, 2020

Historical Review of Gastric Ulcers

One prominent researcher involved in crafting a cure for equine gastric ulcer disease (EGUD), veterinarian Al Merritt, shares his Read more
Close-up of a grazing horse's muzzle with grass sticking out of his mouth
September 04, 2020

Supporting the Microbiome: Potential of Prebiotics

Prebiotics fuel the microbes in the hindgut, thereby promoting the health of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa, all of which Read more
Thoroughbred horse grazing in a pasture at the Kentucky Equine Research Performance Center
August 26, 2020

Endoscopic Capsules Reveal Intestinal Problems in Horses

Traditional endoscopes reach only the stomach. How can veterinarians and researchers visualize the rest of the intestinal tract? Enter Read more

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