KER All-Phase

A unique scientifically formulated low-starch balancer pellet suitable for every phase of your horse’s life.

All Phase is a combination of essential amino acids, vitamins, organic Zinpro Performance Minerals®, anxtioxidants including natural vitamin E, protein, and yeast culture in a convenient low-intake, low-calorie pellet.

Zinpro Performance Minerals have been shown by research to increase bone mineralisation, immune responses, coat quality, and hoof health. Research into the use of Zinpro Performance Minerals in horses with gastric ulcers has suggested they may be beneficial in preventing gastric ulcers after ulcer treatment, especially in hot and humid conditions when horses are fed intermittently.

Designed as a potent source of essential nutrients, All Phase can be used to balance diets of roughage, pasture, grain or those on restricted-calorie diets. All Phase provides essential nutrition to assist in optimal growth, performance, general health and well-being.

Features and Benefits

Designed as an everyday fully fortified balancer for performance, breeding, growing and spelling horses to provide a source of essential nutrients to balance the diet

  • Designed as an everyday fully fortified balancer for performance, breeding, growing and spelling horses to provide a source of essential nutrients to balance the diet.
  • To supplement essential amino acids, protein, vitamins and organic minerals to horses on home-mixed diets.
  • To top up protein, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids when premixed feeds are used below the recommended levels.
  • As a sole concentrate of essential nutrients when calorie intake needs to be restricted.
  • To provide the nutrients needed to ensure optimum growth in young horses, and to assist in maximising fertility in breeding stock.
  • May be used as a supplement for horses prone to laminitis or with developmental orthopaedic disease (DOD).
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Recent studies have shown that certain organic or chelated minerals provide many advantages to the horse. These advantages include a higher rate of absorption and biological availability, which can lead to benefits such as promotion of hoof wall growth, and increases in immune response and bone mineralization.

A recent study was conducted on yearlings at the Hidaka Training and Research Centre of the Japan Racing Association. The study compared two groups of Thoroughbreds; one group was provided with organic minerals (zinc, copper and manganese) in their diet, and the other was provided with the same levels of inorganic minerals. Researchers measured differences in bone formation and resorption markers and radiographic bone density images (RBAE) with interesting findings.

At the conclusion of the 180 day study it was found that providing organic trace minerals to the diet had the effect of promoting bone formation and significantly increasing bone mineral content in young horses. All Phase contains the same form and level of organic minerals that were used in this study.

AVAILABLE SIZE: 20kg (20 doses*)


Mix KER ALL PHASE pellet daily with chaff and grain, if required, or feed alone for horses in good condition. Adjust grain intake according to needs based on body condition, growth rate and available forage.

500gFoal, spelling horse, dry mare, pony
750gLight working horse
1kgWeanling, yearling, mid to late pregnant mare, lactating mare, stallion, hard-working horse, aged horse

The above daily recommendations are for horses with an expected mature body weight of 500kg. Adjust according to the expected mature weight of your horse. Do not add additional vitamins and minerals unless directed by your veterinarian or nutritionist, however all horses should have free access to a salt block.

Hard-working horses may require additional vitamin E, such as KERx Nano•E, and an electrolyte such as RESTORE.

Nutrient Content:

Nutrient Content1kgNutrient Content1kg
DE (Digestible Energy)11mjChromium5mg
Crude Protein25%Cobalt*1mg
Lysine20gVitamin A42,000IU
Methionine6gVitamin B1 (Thiamine)30mg
Threonine9gVitamin B2 (Riboflavin)44mg
Calcium30gVitamin B3 (Niacin)140mg
Phosphorus20gVitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)60mg
Sodium6.4gVitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)14mg
Potassium13gVitamin B12 (Cyanocobalomin)140µg
Chloride10gVitamin D4,200IU
Magnesium6gVitamin E750IU
Zinc*450mgVitamin K22mg
Selenium2.3mgFolic Acid13mg
Iodine*2mgYeast Culture10g


Canola meal, soybean meal, mill run, wheat, barley, molasses, di-calcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, yeast culture, lysine, methionine, mould inhibitor, Zinpro Performance Minerals, and natural vitamin E.

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