A balanced blend of vital daily nutrients for horses spelling or in light to moderate work.

KER Australia Nutrequin
  • A broad-spectrum vitamin, mineral, essential amino acid and antioxidant supplement to ensure that nutrient requirements are met.
  • Convenient powdered vitamin and mineral supplement to balance diets where vitamin and mineral intake may be low, especially during times when only poor-quality or reduced amounts of pasture is available.
  • Ensures correct vitamin and mineral levels when premixed feeds are used below recommended feeding rates.
  • Supplement the diet, without adding calories, of horses and ponies that are on forage-only diets.
  • Natural vitamin E for superior bioavailability.

NUTREQUIN is an exceptional value-for-money vitamin, mineral, essential amino acid, and antioxidant formula, specifically designed to supplement horses on home-mixed diets, those consuming forage-only diets, and when feeding premixed feeds below the recommended intake.

NUTREQUIN is highly recommended for horses and ponies on a restricted-calorie diet to ensure that their daily nutrient requirements are met for overall health and well-being without adding unwanted calories.

NUTREQUIN is ideal for all breeds of horses and ponies that are spelling, in light or moderate work, or in the later stages of life to help meet their daily nutrient demands for overall health and vitality.

Available sizes:

  • 3kg (50 days supply)
  • 20kg (333 days supply)

Feeding recommendations

30g for ponies, small breeds and creep-fed foals.

60g for maintenance horses, weanlings, yearlings and horses in light work.

90g (three heaped scoops) for broodmares, stallions, horses in moderate work and larger breeds.

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Crude Protein 32% 32% Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 42mg 704mg
Lysine 1.3g 22g Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 50mg 826mg
Methionine 0.8g 13g Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 106mg 1,760mg
Calcium 0.9g 15g Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 39mg 647mg
Phosphorus 0.5g 8.5g Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 10mg 170mg
Magnesium 510mg 8,500mg Vitamin B12 (Cyanocabalomin) 79μg 1320μg
Zinc 375mg 6,250mg Vitamin C 210mg 3,500mg
Copper 120mg 2,000mg Vitamin A 52,800IU 880,000IU
Selenium 2mg 33mg Vitamin D 5,000IU 83,333IU
Iodine 2.4mg 40mg Vitamin E+ 440IU 7,340IU
Manganese 275mg 4,580mg Vitamin K 10mg 160mg
Iron 275mg 4,580mg Biotin 0.5mg 8.5mg
Salt 600mg 10mg Folic Acid 10mg 166mg

+Contains natural vitamin E

NUTREQUIN is available in Australia. Micro-Max, a similar product, is available in the United States and some other areas of the world.

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