An aid to reducing muscle damage in performance horses

KER Australia Preserve
  • A blend of vital antioxidants to assist in promoting a healthy immune system.
  • Contains natural-source vitamin E, which is more readily available than synthetic sources.
  • Contains organic selenium, making PRESERVE an ideal supplement for horses grazing selenium-deficient pastures.
  • Scientifically formulated blend of nutrients ideal for horses recovering from injury or illness.

PRESERVE is a scientifically formulated supplementary source of natural vitamin E, organic selenium, magnesium and vitamin C.

PRESERVE aids in reducing muscle damage in working horses, and contains natural vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, which is more biologically potent than synthetic forms.

PRESERVE contains organic selenium which is scientifically proven to be more bioavailable than inorganic forms. Selenium has a role in preventing cellular oxidation and is necessary in the diet to maintain normal growth, immune function and fertility. Selenium supplementation is essential for horses grazing selenium-deficient pastures.

As well as having a role in muscle and nerve function, magnesium also helps to protect against inflammation and free-radical damage.

For horses recovering from injury, illness, neurological problems, intense exercise or to boost fertility, consider KERx Nano•E.

Use KERx Nano•E for the most concentrated and bioavailable form of vitamin E.

Feeding recommendations

30g for horses.

20g for ponies.

PRESERVE may be used strategically during periods of high-intensity exercise to protect from muscle damage and soreness for all performance horses. In this case, feed daily for three days prior to intense exercise, on the day of competition and for three days after.

Available sizes:

  • 1kg (33 days supply)
  • 4kg (133 days supply)
Nutrient Content30g1kg
Vitamin C750mg25,000mg
Vitamin E+1,500IU50,000IU

+Contains organic selenium and natural Vitamin E

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PRESERVE is available in Australia. Preserve PS, a similar product, is available in the United States and some other areas of the world.

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