Nutritional Excellence

BluegrassBluegrass Horse Feeds produces the most respected range of products among trainers, breeders and competitors in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Produced by A. N. Irwin & Sons, a family-operated company with over 150 years of milling experience, Bluegrass Horse Feeds joined the Kentucky Equine Research Team Member programme as its exclusive Irish manufacturer in 2002. Based in Kentucky, the heartland of the American Thoroughbred industry, KER conducts extensive nutritional and physiological studies to improve the health, performance and well-being of horses. The Bluegrass Horse Feeds range is underpinned and complemented by KER’s world renowned research and expertise and consists of specialised products for every stage of a horse’s life. Choosing the right feed is simple with the clear colour-coded packaging system. All products are analysed regularly by an independent laboratory to ensure Bluegrass Horse Feeds comply with regulations set forth by the Fédération Equestre Internationale and The Jockey Club.

Contact Info

Blue Grass Horse Feeds
Stilloga Mills, Eglish
Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, BT70 1LF

Tel: R.O.I. 048 37 548276 / U.K. 028 37 548276
Fax: R.O.I. 048 37 548308 / U.K. 028 37 548308

Equine Feeding Specialist:

Craig Kileff (North East)
Mobile: 07817 681 538