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thestoreLocated in Port Perry, Brooks Feed Store has long been dedicated to the production of high-quality horse feeds for the horsemen of Ontario. Since becoming a Kentucky Equine Research Team Member in 1993, Brooks Feed Store has worked with KER to develop a range of Phase feeds designed for a horse’s different life phases as well as specialty feeds to address specific nutritional challenges or performance goals. All KER-formulated feeds produced by Brooks contain a proprietary micronutrient blend specifically developed to complement the nutrients found in typical Ontario forages.

Whether your horse is a competitive athlete, a pleasure horse, or a broodmare with a newborn foal by her side, the need for proper nutrition is paramount. With a carefully monitored feeding program, you can meet each horse’s nutritional requirements. Brooks’ Phase feeds blend rich grains and protein meals with vitamins, minerals, and other nutritious ingredients. By joining forces with KER, Brooks brings you the latest technology in horse feed formulas that are properly balanced for the many stages of your horse’s life.

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Equine Science Formula Phase Feeding Program

PHASE I is specifically designed to address the nutrient needs of the young growing horse up to 12 months of age. This formulation is designed to minimize nutrition-related occurrence of developmental orthopedic disease (DOD) and to provide nutrients necessary for optimum growth while minimizing skeletal disorders. Particular care has been taken to include minerals and amino acids in the amounts and forms most beneficial to the young horse.

PHASE II features the same attention to ingredient quality as Phase I but with levels of fortification appropriate for the yearling and the pregnant and lactating mare. Levels of trace minerals in Phase II ensure that development of the fetus and storage of nutrients in the fetal liver are optimized, resulting in superior skeletal development in the neonatal foal. Additionally, the strong skeletal foundation initiated in the weanling fed Phase I is furthered in the yearling by feeding Phase II.

PHASE III is a scientifically formulated performance horse feed that specifically addresses energy substrate availability and muscle metabolism in the equine athlete. Energy sources utilized in this feed are selected to satisfy the specific metabolic requirements of the horse during both the anaerobic and aerobic phases of exercise. The mineral, protein, and vitamin levels in Phase III ensure peak performance and meet the micronutrient requirements of horses in intense training.

PHASE IV is for mature horses, barren mares, and lightly ridden pleasure horses. Phase IV is higher in fiber than many conventional feeds, yet still retains an adequate concentration of nutrients to satisfy the requirements of older horses and of horses that are idle or lightly used. The pelleted form makes Phase IV especially appropriate for older horses with poor teeth and horses prone to waste feed.

PHASE V is formulated with significant fibre and fat to specifically meet the needs of horses with high-energy requirements that must perform in a controlled and manageable fashion. The energy in Phase V is provided by highly digestible fibre sources and concentrated vegetable fats. Coupled with less starch, Phase V supplies “cool” energy-energy you can ride on. The protein, vitamin, and mineral levels ensure the equine athlete trains and performs to its peak potential.

ALL-PHASE Grain Balancer Pellets are designed for foals, weanlings, yearlings, pregnant mares, lactating mares, breeding stallions, and performance horses. These pellets can be fed alone (with no additional grain) to horses maintaining adequate body condition on high-quality forage (hay/pasture). In this situation, All-Phase acts as a low-calorie, concentrated source of essential protein, vitamins, and minerals that are often marginal in all-forage diets. All-Phase can also be mixed with unfortified grain to form balanced grain concentrates for any class of horse requiring additional calories to grow or perform. In both cases, All-Phase Grain Balancer Pellets should always be fed with high-quality forage, salt, and water.

COMPETITION PLUS This highly palatable textured feed is formulated to give optimal performance and energy without corn. It contains highly digestible fibre, fat, and grain sources. This formulation generates calories from several metabolic pathways to optimize energy and reduce glycemic response from starch. Competition Plus contains a balance of essential vitamins and chelated minerals, which are more thoroughly absorbed for improved performance and health, particularly under stressful conditions. The feed is also enriched with natural vitamin E and a bio-available form of selenium to act as antioxidants to promote optimal muscle health.

LEADING EDGE A textured performance horse feed formulated with a moderate starch level, highly digestible fibre, and multiple fat sources. This feed provides a very high level of energy with moderate starch and sugar levels that are ideal for the demands of competition and training. Leading Edge is fortified with essential vitamins and chelated minerals, reducing the need for expensive supplements. Chelated minerals are more thoroughly absorbed for improved performance and health. This feed contains whole grain flax, stabilized rice bran, and soy oil to supply high-quality fats that provide omega-3 fatty acids to the diet. Leading Edge also contains natural vitamin E and selenium as antioxidants. This highly palatable feed will help your horses stay healthy during competition and training.

PACEMAKER X This extruded feed for hard-working performance horses is formulated with highly digestible cereal grains, fibre, and fat. This feed provides energy through a variety of calorie-rich ingredients. Extrusion improves the digestibility of starch, slows feed intake, and allows for higher fat inclusion. Pacemaker X has a balance of essential vitamins and chelated minerals, which  are more thoroughly absorbed for improved performance and health. The addition of a proprietary yeast culture improves digestion of the fibre and promotes more efficient use of feedstuffs. Pacemaker X is enriched with natural vitamin E and selenium to act as antioxidants. Pacemaker X has carefully selected ingredients to maximize palatability.

PRO SPORT PLUS A textured feed formulated with highly digestible energy sources. Pro Sport Plus provides energy from various ingredients, including carbohydrates, vegetable oils, and super fibres. It contains added vitamins and chelated minerals (for better nutrient absorption). This feed supplies micronutrient fortification lacking in forages such as hay or pasture. Pro Sport Plus includes a proprietary yeast culture to improve digestion of fibre and promote more efficient use of feedstuffs. It is enhanced with natural vitamin E. Carefully selected ingredients maximize palatability.

FLAX APPEAL This is an all-natural supplement rich in essential fatty acids for improved health and performance. It is formulated with stabilized whole flax seed and full fat soybeans, which supply very concentrated energy from both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It also provides important amino acids to promote good health and an extraordinarily shiny coat. Flax Appeal contains high-quality fibre, which adds energy that won’t affect your horse’s behaviour and helps maintain a healthy digestive system. It also contains highly bio-available natural vitamin E.

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