HimalayanHorse-LogoHimalayan Horse is dedicated to producing nutritional sound, scientifically innovative rations and providing their customers with accessible and personal service. Himalayan Horse offers a complete range of feed, supplements, and general care for horses based on global and Indian conditions.

Himalayan Horse is an exclusive Team Member of Kentucky Equine Research (KER) for India. KER is the most prolific independent equine nutrition research center in the world, entirely committed to the nutritional advancement of breeding stock and athletic performance horses. The goal of KER is to enhance the understanding of equine nutrition and exercise physiology and apply this knowledge to produce healthier, more athletic horses of all ages.

Himalayan Horse offers a qualified and trained consultant to evaluate the existing feed program and then offer suggested balanced ration evaluation program based on the sophisticated MicroSteed software.

For the breeding farms, a novel and unique service can be offered by the Gro-Trac software. By using a database of growth records created by Kentucky Equine Research over the past two decades, information can be provided to breeders to assess how young horses compare with other horses of the same sex and age across major breeding countries.

This unique alliance of like-minded companies now gives the Indian Thoroughbred industry direct access to the most up-to-date products, the very latest technology, and a record of unmatched success. The collaboration has given Himalayan Horse the chance to consistently provide nutritional solutions with unique, progressive feeds that can make a real difference, and which are backed by science and technical personnel to support the horse owner and breeder.

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Himalayan Horse products come with a full value added service for the requirements of your horse. A qualified and trained consultant will understand the existing feed regimen and then offer a suggested balanced ration evaluation program based on the sophisticated Micro Steed software. This software allows for the assessment of each horse’s diet, based on workload, age, breed and metabolism in order to ensure that their energy, protein and nutrient requirements are being met.