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Equus 1

(Foal and Weanling) is a 15% protein textured feed that features precise levels of lysine, calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and other trace minerals to aid in the proper development of muscle and sound bone, which is crucial in young rapidly growing horses.

Equus 2

(Broodmare and Yearling) is a 12.5% protein textured feed with added fat that is designed to promote proper development of the growing horse after 14 months of age. This fully fortified feed can be fed to mares in late gestation and lactation to provide optimal development ofthe foal in utero and to maximize milk production.

Equus 3

(Performance) is a 12% protein, 8% fat textured feed designed to enhance the utilization of dietary energy for work as well as providing vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of halter horses in training or sale prep horses. This product features high-quality vegetable oils, stabilized rice bran, beet pulp, chelated minerals, electrolytes, supplemental vitamin E and therapeutic levels of biotin.

Equus 4

(Maintenance) is an 11% protein textured feed with the nutrient fortification necessary to meet the needs of mature horses at maintenance and lower levels of work intensity. This feed is designed to balance the nutrient profile of good-quality forage fed in maintenance amounts.

Equus 5

(Senior) is a 14% protein pelleted ration designed to meet the changing nutrient needs of aged horses. In addition to increased requirements for minerals, vitamins and protein, the older horse may show a significant loss of dental function. This caramelized pellet contains a high-quality fiber source that is easy to chew and digest.

Equus Pro-Pellet

is a 13.5% protein, high-fat pelleted feed. This ratio of protein and fat is excellent when feeding a mixed pen of horses in different life stages. The fat in this feed is a key energy source and helps reduce the incidence of “hot horses,” while providing a palatable source of energy with very little molasses.

Equus Race

is a fully fortified feed intended for working horses. By using a variety of highly digestible energy sources including oats, beet pulp and vegetable fat, Equus Race satisfies the metabolic demands of even the most intensely worked horses. This feed is blended to provide total nutrition in every bite and offers peace of mind to horse owners, trainers and managers.
The equine nutritionists at Kentucky Equine Research, Inc. formulated the following feeds for safe, steady growth and top performance.

Equus Low-Starch

is a 13% protein, 8% fat and 10% fiber low-glycemic feed designed for yearlings, broodmares, and performance horses. This unique formula reduces the energy supplied by soluble carbohydrates and replaces it with safe, sustainable energy sources—soy oil combined with super fibers such as soy hulls and beet pulp. Equus Low-Starch also contains a natural vitamin E found to be 180% more digestible than synthetic, which ensures quick recovery from soreness and injury. Equus Low-Starch features Omega Balancer, a source of fat used to maintain a natural balance of fatty acids.


(Equus 6) is a balancer pellet; it provides the vitamin and mineral nutrition of our Equus line without the cereal grains. This supplement adds fortification to a roughage-only diet or to a diet that includes roughage and straight grains such as oats. Equibalance is ideal for horses that cannot tolerate high-grain or molasses diets but require the micronutrient benefits of the Equus line such as chelated minerals, vitamins, biotin and yeast. Additionally, Equibalance is great for easy keepers that don’t need the extra calories from a feed but do require vitamin and mineral fortification.