Feed manufacturers

KER provides horse feed manufacturers with the scientific knowledge, innovation, and experience necessary for them to produce competitive, top-of-the line horse feeds.

Today’s horse owners expect a lot from their feed suppliers. They expect a quality product that incorporates the most current advances in equine nutrition. They also expect their feed supplier to provide competent advice about how to feed and manage their horses. To be successful in today’s industry, a horse feed manufacturer needs technology, credibility, and profile on its side. KER brings manufacturers these important features in a comprehensive consultation program tailored to fit the manufacturer’s individual needs

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Horse owners

When horsemen purchase a feed that has been scientifically formulated by the nutritionists at KER and produced at a KER partner’s manufacturing facility, they can expect the best: the highest quality vitamin and mineral packages, the choicest ingredients, and the most stringent quality-control measures. Find a KER-formulated feed near you.

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