Equine growth-tracking software

Gro-Trac®, the first equine growth-monitoring software that allows breeders to compare the growth rates of their stock with those of young horses of similar age, sex, and breed, is a valuable management and communication tool between breeding farms, consultants, and owners who cannot see their horses regularly but like to keep abreast of their development.

By using the world’s largest set of growth records collected by Kentucky Equine Research over the past two decades, breeders can quickly assess how their young horses stack up against their peers. Peer reference groups include the weights, heights, and average daily gains of tens of thousands of growing horses from around the globe.

Weight and height statistics can be displayed graphically for quick visual assessment of growth, allowing user to identify and address growth anomalies early. Graphs show the growth curve for the young horse as well as the reference group of choice. Comments and photographs can be added, for instance to explain a slowdown in growth following weaning or during an illness. Data may be viewed by individual, or as averages of user-defined groups and the entire farm. Combined, these records create a picture of each horse’s individual development and overall farm management.

Comprehensive monitoring

No other computer software monitors equine growth as comprehensively as Gro-Trac. Ward off skeletal problems with steady growth and add a new dimension to young horse management with Gro-Trac.

For ordering information contact Eileen Phethean at Kentucky Equine Research, USA, or your nearest KER representative.