Equine diet analysis

MicroSteed™ takes the guesswork out of choosing the appropriate feed and intake rate for your horse. Additionally, users can request help with their ration and interact with equine feed specialists or KER staff and obtain a more customized ration when needed.

Developed by KER, MicroSteed uses the exact description of the horse to determine its nutrient requirements, and then allows the user to compare the horse’s requirements to the current feeding program. Its specially designed graphs and tables allow easy visual determination of how each ration component contributes to the overall ration and to the horse’s requirement for each nutrient.

MicroSteed is available as a web-based Ration Wizard for horse owners and a PC-based software for feed manufacturers, veterinarians, and select independent consultants.

The web-based MicroSteed Ration Wizard allows users to describe their horse and its management, and the wizard then provides appropriate feed choices. Finally, a suggested ration is provided.

Try MicroSteed Ration Wizard

MicroSteed Ration Wizards for feeds available near you:
Barastoc Horse
Hallway Feeds
Himalayan Horse Feeds
KER Sport Horse Nutrition

MicroSteed Ration Wizard for feed available near you:
Brooks Performance Horse Feeds

MicroSteed Ration Wizards for feeds available near you:
Capstone Horse Feeds
Hallway Feeds
Saracen Horse Feeds

Don’t see a feed manufacturer with a MicroSteed Ration Wizard in your area? Find a KER partner near you. You can also try MicroSteed Ration Wizard using KER Sport Horse Nutrition feeds as an example.

Interested in MicroSteed software for advanced ration evaluation and diet manipulation? For ordering information contact Eileen Phethean at Kentucky Equine Research, USA, or your nearest KER representative.