Bagdad Feeds Caters to the Needs of Individual Breeds

Bagdad Roller Mills is located in the town of Bagdad near the heart of central Kentucky. Known for burley tobacco production, diversified agriculture, and as the Saddlebred capital of the world, Shelby County is central to a wide variety of livestock and equine enterprises.

Founded in 1884, Bagdad Roller Mills has long been a source of quality grain and livestock feed products. In 1995 Bagdad Roller Mills made a commitment to serving the equine industry. This commitment included forming a partnership with Kentucky Equine Research, Inc. (KER) and installing a new mixing and bagging line dedicated to producing state-of-the-art horse feeds. Bagdad Roller Mills is committed to providing clientele with a high-quality product, utilizing the most modern technology and research-based information available. The success of the mill has been based on prompt service, quality nutrition, and fair pricing.

KER is an equine nutrition research and consultation company serving both the horse producer and the feed industry. Its goal is to advance the industry’s knowledge to produce healthier, more athletic horses. Technical support at KER is provided by specialists who are internationally recognized for their knowledge and research in equine nutrition and exercise physiology.

The combination of Bagdad Roller Mills’ long-standing role as a leader in the Kentucky feed industry and KER’s technical expertise in the field of equine nutrition makes Bagdad feeds the most scientifically advanced available in the local market.

Contact Info

Bagdad Roller Mills
P.O. Box 7
5740 Elmburg Road
Bagdad, Kentucky 40003
Phone: 502-747-8968
Toll Free:  800-928-FEED
Fax: 502-747-8960


Different horses have different needs, so in conjunction with the nutritionists at Kentucky Equine Research, Bagdad Roller Mills has developed Bagdad Horse Feeds. Each feed has been scientifically formulated and proven to meet the requirements of a specific type of horse, from the nursing foal to the top-level competitor.

10% Sweet-As-Honey

Award-winning 10% Sweet-As-Honey is an economical, high-quality textured feed fully fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. It is formulated for mature idle horses, barren mares, and lightly worked pleasure horses. This formula is designed for horses on high-quality forage where protein in the grain mix is not a major concern, but where supplemental vitamins and minerals are critical to health and performance.

13% Performance Feeds

13% Pure Performer Textured Horse Feed and 13% High Performance Horse Pellets contain high-quality ingredients that deliver ample energy in palatable, consistent, and completely fortified formulas. These formulas replenish nutrients lost during intense work and are fortified to meet the protein, mineral, and vitamin requirements of the equine athlete. Bagdad 13% Performance Feeds help maintain critical energy reserves and are designed to ensure peak performance.

15% Mare & Foal

15% Mare & Foal is a multipurpose formula that meets the nutritional demands of growing horses, pregnant and lactating mares, breeding stallions, and horses in light training. The mineral and vitamin fortification in this feed provides proper nutrients for optimum growth while minimizing skeletal disorders. This formula should be fed with a minimum of 1% of body weight per day of high-quality hay or pasture equivalent plus free-choice salt and water. 15% Mare & Foal is available in pelleted or textured form.

27% Premium Fortifier Pellets

The 27% Premium Fortifier Pellets are designed for foals, weanlings, broodmares, and performance horses. These pellets can be fed alone to horses maintaining adequate body condition and being fed high-quality hay or pasture. In this situation, Premium Fortifier Pellets act as a low-calorie, concentrated source of essential protein, vitamins, and minerals. They can also be mixed with unfortified grains to form balanced grain concentrates for any class of horse requiring additional calories to grow or perform. In both cases, Premium Fortifier Pellets should always be fed with high-quality forage and free-choice salt and water.

27% Premium Fortifier Nuggets

The high-quality formula used to create 27% Premium Fortifier Pellets is used to manufacture these 27% Premium Fortifier Nuggets. Easier to feed in pasture situations than pellets, nuggets can be efficiently consumed by horses being fed on the ground. Because they are larger, nuggets encourage horses to chew their feed more thoroughly, thereby curbing the tendency for horses to bolt feed. Increased chewing promotes greater saliva production and reduces the likelihood of choke in horses prone to eating feed too quickly.

Revamp Low

Revamp Low is a low-starch, fully fortified feed designed to meet the needs of overconditioned, easy-keeping horses. This feed provides all of the nutrients mature, working horses require without affecting high-performance goals. Revamp Low contains a complete and balanced vitamin and mineral profile.

Golden Sweet

Golden Sweet is a pelleted feed formulated specifically to meet the nutritional needs of aged horses. As horses age, their digestive ability diminishes and their metabolism becomes less efficient. Golden Sweet is energy-dense, containing more calories per pound than conventional feed. Increased energy aids in maintenance of body weight. In addition, Golden Sweet contains beet pulp, a readily digestible source of fiber. This 14% feed includes a complete vitamin and mineral profile. Nutrients are delivered in a palatable form that can be readily consumed by horses with limited chewing ability. The unique blend of ingredients in Golden Sweet also promotes gastrointestinal health in older horses.