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To feed horses well, it’s not enough to have the best feed and supplements and nicest forage: You need an educated horse manager who understands how to use these tools to consistently produce healthy, athletic horses. KER is a rich source of equine nutrition and management information for horse owners, veterinarians, feed manufacturers, industry professionals, and students.

KER’s online library includes numerous research reports and conference proceedings, as well as the full text of all four volumes of Advances in Equine Nutrition. This information is fully searchable and is readily available to browse, download, or e-mail. is KER’s daily website covering equine nutrition, horse care, management, and news. Articles on are produced by KER staff and partners, under the oversight of Ph.D. nutritionists and veterinarians. Featuring videos, downloadable reports, and a question-and-answer section connecting readers directly to KER’s technical staff, make your first resource for equine nutrition information.

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Advances In Equine Nutrition

Advances in Equine Nutrition is a compilation of selected papers from past KER nutrition conferences. These papers cover a broad range of topics and contain a wealth of information related to equine nutrition, veterinary medicine, and exercise physiology. Included is a mixture of original research and review material as well as a great deal of practical information about how to feed and manage all types of horses.


Published Research

KER is one of the most prolific private equine nutrition and exercise physiology research organizations in the world. The quantity of published research derived from studies conducted at KER rivals that of leading universities. Areas of study include digestibility, product development, equine health, behavior, performance, reproduction, and more.


KER Nutrition Conference Proceedings

Featuring programming on “Feeding and Veterinary Management of the Sport Horse” and “Modern Feeding Management for Healthy and Compromised Horses,” these collections include the latest research and developments.